Frequently asked questions

Of course, we will gladly exchange the game for you to have the best experience. Make a reservation for the game you want and bring the voucher with you. Our gamemaster will take care of all the details on the spot.

Come in whatever you’re comfortable in. You won’t get dirty or sweaty during the game. You can come straight from work, before dinner, or even on a date.

None of our games are scary. You most likely won’t be scared at all. You only participate in the game with your party and you will only come into contact with our gamemaster who will give you clues if you need help.

Yes, we have lasers. However, the game is completely safe, the intensity of the lasers is harmless to health even in direct contact with the eye.

Yes. Please book your game date here.

Absolutely. Kids we’ve have always been thrilled. However, kids themselves find the game challenging, they’ll enjoy it more when they put their heads together with adults. A group of children by themselves should be at least 15 years old.

We’ve had a lot of moms with babies in carriers. The games aren’t physically demanding, you don’t even have to crawl through small openings, so you can do it all without any problems.

Everything will be fine. The games really aren’t physically demanding, plus we have a chair in all the games where you can sit down. There are also no scary elements.

The lights occasionally flicker, but rather slowly, so shouldn’t cause any trouble. In The Psychopath’s complex, you will be locked in a cell and handcuffed with one hand at the start for a maximum of 10 minutes. However, you will not encounter any other uncomfortable situations.

The standard time is 1 hour. Records are under 30 minutes, but the average is right around the hour mark. Our gamemaster will even let you go slightly over in most cases.

Give us a few years and, we’ll be sure. In Prague we believe in to be in the upper echelon and this is proved by the great reviews on Google or TripAdvisor see “link”.

If you have an hour, it’s worth it. You can come with your partner, your friends or your whole family. We also host corporate team buildings or bachelor parties. We look forward to seeing you.