There are lasers in the photos, are they actually in the game?
Yes! The lasers are there. To ensure your safety the intensity of the lasers is not harmful in any way, even if pointed directly at your eye.
How should I come dressed?
Wear anything you’re comfortable in. During the game you won’t get dirty or sweaty. You can come right after work, before dinner, or during a date.
I’ve never tried anything similar. Will there be agents chasing me? Is it like a lasergame?
Nope. Agents on the photos are added to embelish the story that you are playing. The only participants are those in your party. During the game you may communicate with our operators if you require assistance.
I want to take my children, can I?
Sure! Children who have participated in the game with their parents have really enjoyed it. The game doesn’t contain any violence or inappropriate language. However, it is designed to be a bit difficult, and children playing by themselves would likely find it too hard. They will enjoy it more if they play together with some adults.
Is it necessary to make reservations?
Yes. Please, book your game 
Are you the best escape game in the world?
Probably not, but hitting the top in Prague.
So, should we come, or not? Still hesitating..
If you have just one day in Prague, go for the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle. However, if you have more than one, consider coming to our place. It's fun and you won't regret.
Did you write these FAQ by yourself?
Yep :).