What is an escape room?

The idea is that players are put into a themed room, provided with a back story, and then have to solve a series of puzzles to “escape” the room before time runs out. Using your powers of deduction, players look for hidden clues and messages to discover the secrets of the room.

Come and experience an entertainment phenomenon that has been gaining popularity all over world. It is possible to play as a couple, with a group of friends, as an unconventional family outing, or even for corporate team building.

The puzzles are designed to be tricky and challenge your ingenuity, but to also be fun and surprise you by immersing you into a world you have never seen before.

Admit it, when is the last time you disabled a laser security system in a vault or escaped from prison? :-)

Which rooms are available?
  • Fun with friends

    Group of 2-5 people

    Come experience something you and your friends will not soon forget.

  • Hard, but manageable

    60 minutes

    The difficulty of the puzzles are adjusted for all players. We’ve built the game for your enjoyment. If you get stuck, we’ll give you a clue to get you going again.

  • Thrill

    Excitement and fun

    Immerse yourself in a new world and challenge yourself to solve all the puzzles before time is up.

Why come to Mazement?

We created Mazement because we love to come up with crazy ideas, and best of all to make them a reality. We’re passionate about what we do.

When we first thought of the idea of a room filled with lasers like in a movie, we laughed out loud. Others told us it wouldn’t work, that we couldn’t do it. So, do we have lasers, you ask? We do. :) We strive to bring our wildest visions to life and bring you a truly unique experience.

We think you’ll love both of our games.

We’d like to thank all of our repeat patrons. Check us out on...

A bit of history…

Escape rooms were inspired by computer games where one has to discover clues and objects to progress further.

In 2008, a young Japanese man, Takao Kato, brought this concept into the world by building the first escape room in Kyoto. In 2011, another rooms were built in Singapore and Budapest (the first one in Europe). In 2013, one appeared in Silicone Valley in the USA and after that they quickly spread around the globe.

As of 2016, there are over 3000 escape room games registered world-wide.