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The Legacy

Your grandfather has secured his fortune in a vault in his office to protect it from the mafia. Will you find all the clues he prepared for you and break the vault's protection?

The Legacy
2-5 players

The Psychopath Complex

You have been locked down by a psychopath called Jigsaw. And maybe you are not alone. Will you free yourself and the other prisoners? Time is running and Jigsaw knows no mercy...

The Psychopath Complex
2-6 players
minimum age 12

Our visitors said...

"Awesome challenge!"
We had the best experience at Mazement today! It started with the more than helpful lady at the reception who gave clear game instructions and were able to start. Not too easy, not too difficult. Awesomely designed and the only thing that will stop you from reaching the vault will be your not-so-helpful-teammates... Wish I had more time today for the second room they have!
"Best escape game in Prague"
I have experienced something around 15 escape games in Prague and "Dedictvi" was the best one. Reasonable difficulty and a lot of new great ideas. Very high-tech
Jan S
"Clever puzzles, great dynamics, intelligent fun."
We had an incredible time. Clever puzzles, great dynamics, intelligent fun. All the riddles were logical, most of them not obvious, but solvable in the game time. Progression dynamics keep the fun and thrill level high throughout the game.
"Great riddles"
We played the escape room last weekend and it was really fun! I liked that after each riddle solved, a 'tadaaa' sound was played meaning that we got it right so we could move on to next challenge. Also the use of electronics was amazing - they really put a lot of effort into it! I definitely recommend to try this one.
Mirka P
It is the best escape game we have visited so far. We solved puzzles we have never seen before and in the middle part of the game we experienced great "wow effect" we would never expect.
Adam M.
This was our first escape game ever and man, did we enjoy it! :) The environment was carefully prepared, music helped us to get immersed in the game and the atmosphere was great. The riddles were balanced - some easy, some difficult. Overall we had a very pleasant experience and will definitely return for the other game. Also, the staff was very friendly and welcoming through the whole time.
Ann V